About BSE

Balasore school of Engineering aims at providing quality education of national standard for producing techno crates and future leaders in disciplined and conducive environment as an integral part of our social commitment to promote education in Nothern Odisha. The institute is committed to foster excellence in teaching and to produce student with attitude / skills and values of the lifelong learning with leadership skill to be distinctly different and useful in global society..

Aims and objectives

The aim of BSE is to impart excellent technical education to the students of all parts of the State and outside the State. Other objectives of the BSE include the overall development of the personality of each student and to instill in him/her a sense of confidence, discipline, honesty, sincerity, precision, accuracy and dedication in order to achieve the desired goals. Emphasis is also laid on imparting effective communication skills and making the students realize the worth of good manners and propriety of conduct, in order to become successful and responsible citizens. The college believes that the mere acquisition of a degree without the above qualities may not be of much worth. In order to achieve the above mentioned aims and objectives, the following academic culture has been planned for the college.
1) The teaching program for every week is displayed conspicuously so as to make the students aware about the topics to be covered in the ensuing period so that they can come prepared beforehand.
2) The schedule of practical and term work is notified at the beginning of the term, so that every student can complete the same on time.
3) During the practical (term work, job work and project work) the time left after the practical is utilized by teachers to get for quiz test.
4) The practical records (term work, job work and other project work) are evaluated and assessed continuously by the concerned subject teachers and are closely monitored by the Departmental Heads and the Principal as well.
5) Students who do not attend classes regularly are dealt sternly. Their parents are informed in writing about the lapse on their part as and when the need arises.
6) The students are given adequate assignments/tutorials to practice at home and the subject teacher helps them in solving their problems. Home Assignment is checked regularly in classes. Seminars/group discussion are conducted to develop on English speaking for better communication skills.