Computer Science & Engineering

The department of Computer Science and Engineering introduced in 1998. It is equipped with sophisticated laboratories and well qualified faculties who are not only technically skilled but also professionally competent. Faculty members have obtained their degrees from reputed college. The students have a 12-hour guide access to the Internet lab and are given a free hand in using the services of printers and scanners.
The department also conducts seminars on a regular basis which helps the students in keeping pace with recent developments in the field of information science & technology. The students of this department have undertaken project assignments in developing software for college student information system, attendance registers, library information system which helps them to gain practical knowledge in real world problem. This Department offer Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering.

Head of the Department

Priyanka Panda
Priyanka Panda
Qualification- M.Tech
Teaching Experience- 08 years

  • 1. Suchismita Pradhan
  • 2. Deeptimayee Panda
  • 3. Sanjay Kumar Mishra
  • 4. Baidyanath Barik
  • 5. Pradipta Kumar Pradhan

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  • 1. Programming Lab
  • 2. Database Lab
  • 3. Networking Lab
  • 4. Computer Architechture Lab
  • 5. Software Engineering Lab